#13 – Adopting the Mindset of Jesus

The gospel of Mark best captures some of the feelings of our Lord Jesus. These strong emotions provide a window into His heart. They expose His value system. How do you react to events in this fallen world? If we can think and feel more like Jesus, we may behave more like Him.

Adopting the Mind Set of Jesus

8 pages | Armenia, Colombia – 2003


Denken en voelen zoals Hij

7 pagina’s | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Vertaling: Christa Neefjes


Adoptando la manera de pensar de Jesús

9 páginas | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Traducido por: Abner Trejos


Adopter la Manière de Penser de Jésus

9 pages | Armenia, Colombie – 2003


Die innere Einstellung von Jesus annehmen

9 Seiten | Armenia, Kolumbien- 2003

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach


Conformarsi alla Mente di Cristo

8 pagine | Armenia, Colombia – 2003