Philip and Anneke NunnPhilip (born in England) and Anneke (born in Holland) moved to Colombia in 1992. Until June 2007 they worked there as full time Christian missionaries. They felt their calling was to teach the Bible, train, disciple, counsel and encourage the formation of new Christian assemblies.

Philip & Anneke and their children now form part of an Christian assembly in Eindhoven, (see Their past experience among assemblies in Canada, England and Colombia together with the tools gained while working with the Navigators and the Gideons in London, have helped shape their style of work.

Most of Philip’s teaching is delivered in English and Spanish, and since 2008 also in broken Dutch. These take place in assembly Bible readings, seminars, camps and conferences, in Europe and also on some mission fields. Starting in 2010, some of these messages have been made available here in MP3 format.

Over the years, some of the themes covered in seminars and addresses have been written in Spanish and English. A good number of these articles have been translated and some have found their way into various websites and magazines (see Links). The encouraging response from some readers motivated the creation of their own website, which became begun to function in November 2006. In January 2011 it was seriously renovated, incorporating some search features and adding audiovisual material, hoping this new presentation will help make their little contribution to the edification of Christ Body worldwide more accessible.

Significant years and events

  • 1962. Born in England to Peter and Annemarie Nunn.
  • 1967. The Nunn family moved to Costa Rica for a year to learn Spanish, and then moved on to Colombia to engage in Christian missionary work.
  • 1972. Gave his life to the Lord Jesus.
  • 1977. Was baptized.
  • 1979. Finished Colombian high school. Returned to London, England, to continue studies.
  • 1984. Graduated from Imperial College London, with a BSc in Mathematics.
  • 1985. Completed a Masters degree in Statistics and started working with financial statistics for the UK government.
  • 1987. Married Johanna (Anneke) Lemkes from Holland.
  • 1988. Moved to Canada for 10 months. Completed a Certificate in Biblical Studies at “Tyndale University College & Seminary” (then called ”Ontario Theological Seminary”).
  • 1989. Took up employment in Economic Forecasting in the UK electricity industry – The National Grid Company.
  • 1990. Vikki, their first daughter was born.
  • 1991. Elsa, their second daughter was born.
  • 1992. Resigned secular employment and begun full time missionary work among Christian assemblies in Colombia. Made home in the city of Pereira.,_Colombia
  • 1994. Their son Edward was born.
  • 1998. Julie, their fourth child was born.
  • 2001. Returned to London, England, for a Sabbatical year. Devoted some time to studies at Spurgeon’s College and visited many assemblies, mainly in Europe.
  • 2002. Returned to Colombia. They moved their home from Pereira to Armenia to help establish a new assembly in this town.,_Colombia
  • 2007. Moved home to Eindhoven, Holland.
  • 2009. Anneke experienced a “burn-out”.
  • 2010. Their son Edward overwent serious heart surgery. See “Deep Waters“.
  • 2011. Their eldest daughter Vikki becomes the wife of Steven de Jager.
  • 2012. Begun part time study for a Master’s Degree in ‘Christianity and Society’ at Tilburg University:
  • 2014. Completed Master’s Degree. Master Thesis: Church and Gender in the First Three Centuries
  • 2017. Their second daughter Elsa becomes the wife of Robert van Hardeveld.
  • 2021. Their son Edward becomes the husband of Arinda vd Kolk.