The Christian Network School


Brief History

It was back in February 2003 that a group of concerned Christians first met in Pereira, Colombia, to consider the possibility of forming a new Christian school. The concern was not to create a safe haven for children from Christian homes, but to bring the love of God and the teachings of the Bible to as many children as possible. If we could place Christian teachers within secular schools to teach ‘religion, ethics and moral values’, working alongside existing staff, we could maximise the number of children we could reach and greatly reduce costs. At this meeting ‘The Christian Network School’ was born. In Colombia, it is known as ‘El Programa Bienestar Moral’, which means, ‘The Moral Wellbeing Programme’.


Since 2003, a devoted team of Christian teachers have been teaching the Bible and showing the Love of Jesus in a number of secular schools. The number of teachers varies from year to year. Some devote one or two days per week, others work full time.

Logistics and Coordination

The teachers have regular contact with a national coordinator at the end of each month to provide updates and report on the number of lessons given during the month. Twice a year the whole team comes together for a three day retreat, for reporting interesting experiences, sharing useful materials and methods, encouragement and training. Unless the teachers are growing in their Christian experience, they will remain academic in the teaching of the Bible. The driving force of this project is to see the lives of children change as they come to Christ.

Financial Arrangements

The financing of the Christian Network School runs through Fundacion Semillas, a Christian foundation based in Pereira, Colombia. This ensures transparency and legality. The teachers are referred to as ‘Docentes Misioneros’, Missionary Teachers. Through the Foundation, the teachers receive materials and financial support. Between 8,000-10,000 children receive Bible lessons every year. The programme costs around 20,000 euros per year, plus additional cost for occasional large scale printing of materials.

Would you like to help?

For further information, please see the section on REPORTS and PRESENTATIONS. If you or your local church would like to partner with this beautiful project and help support it financially, please get in touch. To encourage support in your local church, area of influence or through a ‘mission magazine’, feel free to extract photos from the reports and adapt the presentations. These are presented in a format that makes it easy to extract the photos. I shall be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Can we help you?

Some of the Christian materials we use to teach in the schools have been prepared by our own team. If you work with Spanish speaking children, you may find something useful here. You may download and reproduce this material for your personal work. It should not be used with commercial interests.

Source of free material: