#12 – Are You Well Thought Of?

What do others think about you? At the office you may be considered a key worker. Some may view you as an outstanding mother. At church you may be seen as a faithful and spiritual Christian. But how does the Lord see you? The short life of John the Baptist teaches us that what really matters is how God sees us.

Are You Well Thought of?

4 pages | Armenia, Colombia – 2003


Hoe denken ze over ons?

4 pagina’s | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Vertaling: Christa Neefjes


¿Qué opinión tienen otros de ud?

5 páginas | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Traducido por: Abner Trejos


Êtes-vous bien vus ?

4 pages | Armenia, Colombie – 2003

Traduit par : Marc Horisberger


Wie denkt man über dich?

4 Seiten | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Übersetzung: Ruben Isenberg


Cosa pensano di te gli altri?

4 pagine | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Tradotto da: Simone Häfliger