#14 – Footprints of a Useful Christian

Titus is mentioned a dozen times in Scripture. These references cluster around five distinct situations or events over a period of some 13 years. Encounters with enthusiastic useful believers like Titus challenge our lifestyle and priorities. He has left some good footprints for others to follow.

Footprints of a Useful Christian

4 pages | Armenia, Colombia – 2003


Voetsporen van een dienstbaar Christen

4 pagina’s | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Vertaling: Rob van Eck


Huellas de un cristiano útil

4 páginas | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Traducido por: Abner Trejos


Sur les traces d’un chrétien utile

4 pages | Armenia, Colombie – 2003

Traduit par : Peter & Muriel Larribau


Fußspuren eines nützlichen Christen

4 Seiten | Armenia, Colombia – 2003

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach


Orme di un Cristiano Utile

4 pagine | Armenia, Colombia – 2003