v7 – The Tale of Three Widows

We join these three widows somewhere near the Dead Sea, on the 80 mile road that leads from Moab to Bethlehem. They are discussing options for their future… They agreed that it was now time to change, to do something, to go somewhere. Perhaps one of their choices may be similar to one you currently face!

Three Widows

1 page | Eindhoven, NL – January 2013


Trois veuves

1 page | Eindhoven, NL – Janvier 2013

Traduit par: Florence Delacoux


Drei Witwen

1 Seite | Eindhoven, NL – Januar 2013

Übersetzer: Jane Foerster


La historia de Tres Viudas

1 página | Eindhoven, NL – Enero 2013

Traductor: Ezequiel Frontini – 2018