#45 – A Dilemma in Daniel’s Generation

The Jews had had plenty of time to think and discuss the different options open to them. I’m sure they did! Their homes and synagogues must have become alive with conflicting strongly-held opinions and proposals. In fact, every generation of God-fearing men and women is faced with some old but also some new challenging situations. For 21st century Christians, some older issues could be rights and wrongs of capitalism, socialism and communism, capital punishment, open borders for needy immigrants, slavery, inter-race marriages, the participation of Christians in politics or in the military, the use of war and nuclear weapons, the ethics of family planning and abortion. We also face new dilemmas, such as how to respond to the rapid social acceptance of cohabitation, easy divorce and remarriage, the legal acceptance of same-sex marriage and flexible gender categories… Here you will find seven common arguments, five guidance categories and three battle levels.


A Dilemma in Daniel's Generation

9 Pages | Eindhoven, NL – September 2017


Ein Dilemma in Daniels Generation

10 Seiten | Eindhoven, NL – September 2017

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach


O dilemă în generația lui Daniel

10 pages | Romanian | September 2017

Translator: Daniel Simion


Un dilemme au temps de Daniel

10 pages | French | September 2017

Translator: Florence Delacoux