#6 – Doers of the Word

We all find it much easier to discuss the Christian faith than to live it. The apostle James was painfully aware and sets out to correct this serious deviation. Do you have faith? Do you love? Are you wise?… Do you show it? Here you will find a loud and clear wake up call straight from the Epistle of James.

Doers of the Word

6 pages | Armenia, Colombia – 2005


Daders van het Woord

7 pagina’s | Armenia, Colombia – 2005

Vertaald door: Albert van Klinken


Hacedores de la Palabra

7 páginas | Armenia, Colombia – 2005

Traducido por: Israel Gualteros


Mettez la Parole en pratique !

7 pages | Armenia, Colombie – 2005

Traduit par : Florence Delacoux


Täter des Wortes

7 Seiten | Armenien, Kolumbien – 2005

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach