AMEN: 24-28 July 2023

Missionary Retreat = AMEN – Assembly Mission ENcounter                                                                            

Monday 24 July – Friday 28 July 2023

Dear friends,

We hope life is slowly returning to a degree of normality for you and your loved ones. Also, we would like to thank many of you for your useful feedback which you sent us some time ago concerning the future of the Missionary Retreats as we have enjoyed every 3 years.

Considering this feedback, we propose a different type of Mission encounter for the future: 3 full days open to missionaries (and their children), trustees, members of missionary support groups (TFCs), those interested in mission (from young to retired) and mission minded saints. Some activities will be only for specific groups, some plenary sessions, a separate programme for children. There will be time and space for trustees and others to organize their own private meetings. As usual in mission encounters, the central language will be English, but we hope to provide translation into French for the main events.

To reflect this new focus, the name ‘Missionary Retreat’ will from now on be replaced with ‘Assembly Mission ENcounter’, or AMEN for short.

In order to make this possible, a rather larger location is needed. We have found an appropriate location in southern Germany: ‘Haus Felsengrund’ in in Zavelstein (D) The Christian team that run this lovely location are happy to welcome us. It can host up to 135 people. The dates for 2023 have now been reserved. Further information can be found on their website.

As always, this is an event that together we can make a success.

Arrival: Monday 24 July 2023 in time for the evening meal.

Departure: Friday 28 July 2023 after breakfast.

There are possibilities for those who would like to arrive a few days earlier or leave a few days later, to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Each one can arrange this directly with Haus Felsengrund. Prices and programme will follow later.

If you have any questions at this stage, please contact Anneke Nunn at:

With our warm greetings, organizing team,

  • Peter and Alexandra Konig – CH (D)
  • Cyrille and Miriel Chambron – F
  • Frederic and Siglinda Walraven – NL
  • Philip and Anneke Nunn – UK/NL

Flyer - AMEN 2023 - English

Invitation to AMEN 2023


Flyer - AMEN 2023 - Français

Invitation à la conférence AMEN 2023