#44 – Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

What bread? What wine? When?

The night before that the Lord Jesus was crucified, He called his disciples together and instituted The Lord’s Supper, a simple symbolic meal that would remind them and future generations of Himself – and the centrality of His sacrificial death. The first Christian communities gave the celebration of the Lord’s Supper the same level of importance as teaching, fellowship and prayer – they “persevered” in these things (Acts 2:42). How should we Christians celebrate the Lord’s Supper today? What does the Bible teach? To what extent are the Biblical examples normative? Does the way we celebrate it really matter?

Celebrating the Lord's Supper

5 pages | Eindhoven, NL – 2013


De viering van het Avondmaal

6 pagina’s | Eindhoven, NL – 2013

Vertaler: Moniek Venhuizen


Célébrer la Cène du Seigneur

5 pages   |   Eindhoven, NL   |   2013

Translator: Florence Delacoux