#42 – Intercultural Romantic Relationships

You will meet people from other cultures nearly everywhere, at school, at work, at sport clubs, at church. You do not need to travel abroad to ‘fall in love’ with someone from a different culture. Many Christian organizations encourage short and long term mission experiences – which by the way, can be very enriching, especially if you visit peoples and cultures which are very different from your own. As a Christian you are free to love and marry a fellow Christian from another culture. Inter-cultural marriages can be joyful and enriching, but cultural differences must be taken seriously. Love is a strong bond, but love does not eliminate the effects of deep seated cultural differences and their related expectations. Here you will find tips what I hope will help you along the way.

Intercultural Romantic Relationships

6 pages | Eindhoven, NL – 2016


Interculturele Romantische Relaties

6 pagina’s | Eindhoven, NL – 2016

Vertaald door: Moniek Venhuizen


Relaciones románticas interculturales

6 páginas | Holanda, 2016


Les amours interculturelles

5 pages | Eindhoven, NL – 2016


Verschiedene Kulturen, Erwartungen und Kommunikation

7 Seiten | Eindhoven, NL – 2016

Übersetzer: Frank Schönbach