#53 – Esther and Mordecai – a call to speak up

A study of the Book of Esther: A call to speak up when you have something to say.

Deep inside you know something is not right. Should you say something? To whom? When? And what if others do not agree or do not want to hear? Perhaps you have been there. Mordecai became aware of a plot by some of the kings officials to kill him. Should he speak up? That would be dangerous. Queen Esther was informed about a well thought out plan by Haman to exterminate the Jewish people in the Persian empire. His plan was now law. No law of the Persians could not be changed or annulled. Should she speak up? Was it too late? This book of Esther has been written to remind us that our God is sovereign and in control of world affairs. We can trust in Him and need not live in fear. But it is also written to remind us that He coordinates ‘coincidences’ so that you and I are placed at the right time in the right place to speak or act on His behalf.

Esther and Mordecai

A call to speak up when you have something to say. 8 pages


Esther et Mardochée

(Français) Un appel à prendre la parole quand vous avez quelque chose à dire


Esther und Mordechai

(Deutsch) Ein Aufruf, aufzustehen und zu sprechen, wenn man etwas zu sagen hat


Esther en Mordechai

Een oproep om te spreken als je iets te zeggen hebt


Ester y Mardoqueo

(Español) La interacción entre la soberanía de Dios y nuestra responsabilidad.