#52 – Psalm 107 – Expressing Gratitude

Psalm 107 starts with a clear call to all those who have been redeemed to recognize God’s goodness in their life and the to express their gratitude. Must we feel thankful before we say ‘thank you’? Expressing gratitude is an act of obedience. I notice that when I express gratitude in prayer or song that I often begin to feel more thankful!

Choosing to believe and embrace the fact that our Lord is always good, loving and faithful will help us give thanks even when living adverse circumstances. And as we express gratitude the feeling of gratitude will grow. And a grateful attitude, like a virus, is contagious!


Expressing Gratitude - Psalm 107

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Dankbaarheid uiten - Psalm 107

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Exprimer sa gratitude - Psaume 107

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Dankbarkeit ausdrücken - Psalm 107

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Expressing gratitude - Psalm 107 - Farsi

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