#38 – Five reasons why I remain connected to the Brethren movement

In short, because I continue to share their original dream. Those five noble goals still inspire me, warm my heart and provide direction to the way I live today.

In order for a movement to remain a ‘movement’ it must be non-sectarian, always learning, always improving and always sharing. Furthermore, for a movement of God to remain a ‘movement of God’ it must allow God to truly move among them, His way – as He has done in the past or in any new way He pleases. As the Israelites in the desert, we must be always ready to move with God when God moves, even away from a comfortable oasis. What is God doing today? Let’s be faithful! Let’s be part of it!

The 5 goals are:

  1. To keep the Lord Jesus at the center of everything
  2. To love God’s Word and study it with an open heart and open mind
  3. To long to be guided and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit
  4. To actively encourage the Priesthood of every believer
  5. To positively contribute towards building up of the Body of Christ worldwide

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