#46 – Cohabitation – Talking Points

Attitudes towards cohabitation and marriage are rapidly changing, in general society as well as among Christians. Before we explore a number of motives and reasons given by people who choose to live together as husband and wife before marriage, I suggest we first look at what the Bible says about marriage, sexual intimacy and covenants. By considering God’s good and positive design, we shall be better placed to evaluate current social developments.


Cohabitation - Talking Points

4 pages | Eindhoven, NL – November 2017


Cohabitation - Sujets de discussion

5 pages |  Eindhoven, Pays-Bas – Novembre 2017


Samenwonen - Om over na te denken

4 pages | Eindhoven, NL | November 2017


Zusammenleben ohne Ehe - Einige Gesprächspunkte

6 pages | Eindhoven, NL | November 2017

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach