V12 – Jonah’s Prayer

A one page thought.

Inside the warm, slippery, dark digestive system of that great fish, Jonah begins to call on God. He has lost control of his life. He is desperate. This prayer marked a turning point in Jonah’s life. What is needed to make you seek God earnestly in prayer?

Jonah’s Prayer

1 page | Eindhoven, NL – March 2016


Jona’ s Gebed

1 pagina | Eindhoven, NL – Maart 2016

Vertaald door: Vivian Straver


La Oración de Jonás

1 página | Eindhoven, NL – Marzo 2016

Traducido por: Elizabeth León Millán


La prière de Jonas

1 page | Eindhoven, Pays Bas – Mars 2016


Jonas Gebet

1 page | Eindhoven, NL, März 2016

Übersetzer: Christiane Foerster