Devotional Booklet: 8 days in the Book of Ruth

COMING SOON: Seven minutes with God.

Small devotional booklet for personal use. This tool is designed to encourage Christians to meditate daily on God’s word. You may print the small A6 booklet with the LOGO of your own ministry, youth group or local church.

It fits nicely in your Bible. Ideal for encouraging a regular Devotional Time. It is in WORD format, so you can improve and adapt it anything you like. If you have formating printing problems, you may wish to use the PDF format.

PRINT instructions for paper size A4: You will need two A4 sheets. On the first sheet print page 1 and then print page 2 on the back of page 1. On the second sheet print page 3 and then print page 4 on the back of page 3. Cut the A4 sheets through the middle. That will give you four A5 pages. You will notice that all the small pages are numbered. Put them in the right order, fold them in the middle and staple them on the spine. Your smart looking A6 booklet is now ready for use!