v8 – You and God’s Rewards

A one page thought.

Perhaps some of us see a reward as a kind of bribe, a selfish motivation which risks devaluing a noble cause. Our ideal is to serve God out of gratitude and love with no interest in additional rewards. But is this the right attitude? Of course we are saved by grace and this is no reward for good behaviour (Eph. 2:8-10). But what if God has chosen to dispense rewards to you and me depending on how you and I live on earth? Is it really so ‘spiritual’ to ignore such Scriptural references to ‘rewards’?

You and God’s Rewards

1 page | Eindhoven, NL – August 2013


Jouw leven en God’s beloningen

1 pagina | Eindhoven, NL – Augustus 2013

Vertaald door: Moniek Venhuizen


Las recompensas de Dios

1 página | Eindhoven, Holanda – Agosto 2013

Traducción: Elizabeth León Millán


Les récompenses de Dieu et nous

1 page | Eindhoven, Pays Bas – Août 2013

Traduit par: Florence Delacoux


Du und Gottes Belohnungen

1 Seite | Eindhoven, NL – August 2013

Übersetzung: Peter Hoddenbagh