#17 – Good & Pleasant Fellowship

King David well knew how nasty we humans can sometimes be to each other. He also noticed that something divine happened when brothers lived together in unity. What do oil and dew have in common with fellowship? Can we experience that blessing today? This is a study of Psalm 133.

Good & Pleasant Fellowship

4 pages | Armenia, Colombia – 2006


Hoe goed en hoe lieflijk is het als broeders ook tezamen wonen.

4 pagina’s | Armenia, Colombia – 2006

Vertaling: Christa Neefjes


Comunión buena y deliciosa

5 páginas | Armenia, Colombia – 2006

Traducido por: Abner Trejos


La Communion, Bonne et Agréable

5 pages | Armenia, Colombie – 2006

Traduit par : Marc Varidel


Gute & angenehme Gemeinschaft

5 Seiten | Armenia, Kolumbien – 2006

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach