Working Abroad – Today’s Tentmaking Challenge

Secular employment abroad presents an interesting challenge to the missionary minded Christian. Such a move may open doors which are closed to normal missionaries. Some refer to this kind of christian service as “tentmaking”, borrowing the name from the apostle Paul’s occasional tentmaking ocupation. This book explores the dangers and opportunities of a tentmaking lifestyle.

This book was published by Overcommer Press, USA – back in 1990. We have their permission to make this revised edition freely available on this website.

Working Abroad: Today’s Tentmaking Challenge

23 pages | London, England


Le défi actuel du « faiseur de tentes »

26 pages | Londres, Angleterre


Herausforderungen des Zeltmacherdienstes

25 Seiten | London, England


Hacedores de tiendas

23 páginas – Londrés, Inglaterra – version 2024