#33 – The Homosexual Discussion

During the last half century, societies attitude toward homosexual behaviour has radically changed. The debate has now moved to the church: how should Christians view homosexual orientation and homosexual behaviour? Does the Bible provide clarity on these issues? For a fuller treatment, see the eBook: “Homosexual Partnerships” – also freely available in this website.

The Homosexual Discussion

6 pages | Eindhoven, NL – July 2011


De Homoseksuele Discussie

8 pagina’s | Eindhoven, NL – Juli 2011

Vertaald door: Moniek Venhuizen


El debate actual sobre la homosexualidad

7 páginas |  Eindhoven, Holanda – 2011

Traducido en Colombia – 2014


Zur Diskussion um die Homosexualität

7 Seiten | Eindhoven, NL – 2011

Deutsche Übersetzung – 2014