#26 – The Conversion of the Apostle Paul

The conversion of the apostle Paul is described three times in the book of Acts. Do the stories contradict eachother? Our Lord is very recursive in the ways He uses to speak to us. Sometimes, like in the story of Paul’s conversion, he breaks into our robotic life with supernatural force. Do we really want to listen?

The Conversion of the Apostle Paul

7 pages | Eindhoven, NL – 2009


La conversión del apóstol Pablo

7 páginas | Eindhoven, NL – 2009

Traducido por: Heydi Trejos


La conversion de l’apôtre Paul

5 pages | Eindhoven, Pays Bas – 2009

Traduit par: Florence Delacoux


Întoarcerea la Dumnezeu a apostolului Pavel

4 pagini | Eindhoven, NL – 2009

Traducator: Daniel Simion