#25 – Influencing God’s People: 3 John

The apostle John, by then an experienced old man, writes an encouraging short letter to his dear friend Gaius who was experiencing some difficulties with his health and within his local church. The three men mentioned in this letter influenced their surroundings, one negatively and two positively. What influence are you having on those around you?

Influencing God’s People

3 pages | Eindhoven, NL – 2009


Het beïnvloeden van Gods volk

4 pagina’s | Eindhoven, NL – 2009

Vertaald door: Anja Vis


Wie Gottes Volk beeinflusst wird

3 Seiten | Eindhoven, NL – 2009

Übersetzung: Frank Schönbach


Influenzare I Figlio Di Dio

4 pagine | Eindhoven, NL – 2009

Traduzione: Fausta Tomba